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Formed in 1990, the NGCRC exists today as a non-profit independent agency.   We carry out research on gangs and gang members,  disseminate information through publications and reports, and provide training and consulting services.

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Come to Chicago Again in 2024.

It's time to go to the 2024 Gang School.

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Ron Stallworth: The Gang Specialist Featured in Spike Lee's (2018) "Blackkklansman" Movie --- Read His Article Published in the Journal of Gang Research in 1998

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National Prison Gang Research: The 2012 Study of Gang and Security Threat Group (STG) Problems in American Prisons and Jails.                 

Things to Look For When Evaluating or Designing a Gang Prevention Program

Click Here: for a PDF Version of the Study of Corruption and Corrupt Influences in Gang Prevention, Gang Intervention, and Gang Outreach Programs: First Study of "Worst Practices".

What's New: The Gang Denunciation and Gang Renunciation Form (GDGRF) for Use by Gang Prevention/Intervention, Parole, Probation, and Clinical Staff

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What's New: Gang Banging on Facebook: Should We Look the Other Way? A Special Report of the National Gang Crime Research Center

A Critical Study of Federal Legislation: Little Hope For Federal Gang Legislation --- A Special Report


What's New: The "Sons of Anarchy

(SOA)" Gang Profile:

The NGCRC Objects to the SOA Series

What's New: Venezuela's Tupamaros - A Gang Profile.

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American Public Schools (Preliminary Report)

What's New: 2004 Prison Gang Survey Research Findings

What's New: Gangs and Terrorism

What's New - Black Disciples (BD's) Profile.

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