Look At These Different Types of "Gang Profiles" Developed by the NGCRC over the years.

      Here are some books exemplifying the "gang profile analysis" and "gang threat analysis" research methdology pioneered by the NGCRC over the years:

Gang Profiles: An Anthology, by George W. Knox and Curtis Robinson (editors), ISBN 0-9710539-6-0, 2004, New Chicago School Press, 490 pages, paperback.

Hate Crime and Extremist Gangs, George W. Knox and Gregg W. Etter (editors), 2008, ISBN 0-9710539-3-6, New Chicago School Press, 376 pages, paperback.

The Vice Lords: A Gang Profile Analysis, by George W. Knox and Andrew V. Papachristos, 2002, ISBN 0-9710539-9-5, New Chicago School Press, 272 pages, paperback.

    Ten Different Gang Profiles
About these Profiles

The Impact of the Federal Prosecution of the Gangster Disciples streetgang.

The Chicago Latin Kings: A Gang Threat Analysis

Female Gangs: A Profile Analysis

The Sexual Exploitation of Females by Gangs

The Black Disciples: A Gang Threat Analysis

The Black P. Stone Nation: A Gang Threat Analysis.

Profile of The Tupamaros: A Venezuelan Gang

The Sons of Anarchy (SOA) Gang Profile

The Vice Lords: Insight Into Their Organizational Development

The Satan's Disciples: A Gang Threat Analysis


       These are some of the examples of the "gang profile" research methdology developed by the NGCRC in the early 1990's. The first document, for example, describes the impact of the federal prosecution that helped convict the top 39 leaders of the Gangster Disciples street gang.

        The research methodology employed here is a kind of threat analysis of a deviant or criminal group or organization. Currently, the NGCRC has a full book out on the topic and is planning a new release soon.

We also recommend the first full textbook on gangs ever written, "AnIntroduction to Gangs", by George W. Knox as a general source of similar information.