DO YOU WORK IN A STATE ADULT CORRECTIONAL FACILITY? If YES, please complete our anonymous survey.


Jan. 6, 2020

Dear Corrections Professional - - - Warden/Superintendent/STG Coordinator/Union Rep/Concerned CO:

Since 1991 we have surveyed adult state correctional facilities on gang issues. Each time, we have also promptly provided a free copy of the full report to all respondents requesting a copy. Our research has had a positive impact over the years by increasing knowledge of ways to deal with the gang problem and especially because it has been for the most part the only national research on adult state correctional institutions that could help justify additional funding for corrections. The NGCRC national surveys over the years have unquestionably had a positive impact for correctional administrators and correctional officers. Please take a couple minutes to complete the new and revised 2020 questionnaire that is enclosed.

You can even be a recently retired correctional officer from an adult state correctional facility. This is an anonymous survey, we really do not need to check up on you or attribute anything specifically to you or your facility. Ideally, we would like to pay you for your time. However, this is not a funded project. It is a probono project: being undertaken because of the national significance of these issues. This is the nineth national survey of state prisons by our Center.

We have always met our promise in the past. So while we cannot pay you, we can provide you with a free copy of the full preliminary report. Our mission remains the same: to conduct large scale research and to still be able to disseminate full results in a very short period of time. Our track record shows we are successful in this area.

Feel free to examine a sample adult corrections report from at our website ( in the reports section.

Thank you in advance for your help.




George W. Knox, Ph.D.

2020 Adult Corrections Survey Principal Investigator


ENC: Questionnaire  Click here for a PDF printable version of the survey instrument.

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