Media Inquiries About Gangs: The NGCRC May Be Able to Assist You

            The NGCRC is based out of Chicago, Illinois where the NGCRC holds its annual training conferences.

            The National Gang Crime Research Center (NGCRC) may be able to assist you if you are a bonafide journalist working on a gang-related story.

            Through over 18 years of publishing the Journal of Gang Research, the official publication of the NGCRC, a professional quarterly publication widely abstracted in the social sciences (Psychological Abstracts, Sociological Abstracts, Criminal Justice Abstracts, National Criminal Justice Reference Service Abstracts, etc), the NGCRC is obviously aware of who the experts in the world are today on the many special areas of expertise pertaining to gangs.

            There are many areas of specialization when it comes to gang expertise and here is a short list of N = 32 different areas of expertise on or about gangs that are recognized by the NGCRC in its annual training program: (1) Gang Crime Investigation, (2) Gang Homicide Investigation, (3) Gangs in Relationship to Domestic Terrorism Threats, (4) Gangs and Mental Health Issues, (5) Gang Profile Analysis (basically gang threat analysis of specific gangs), (6) Gang Interview/Interrogation Issues, (7) Gangs and Drugs, (8) Gang Prosecution Issues, (9) Corrections Gang/STG Intelligence Issues, (10) Gang Prevention Issues, (11) Gang Problems in K-12 Schools, (12) Faith-Based Programs for Gang Intervention, (13) Officer Safety Skills in Dealing With Gangs, (14) Gang Counseling Techniques, (15) Gang Arson Investigation, (16) Hate Groups/White Racist Extremist Gangs, (17) Dealing With Gang Members in Probation/Parole and Re-Entry, (18) Gang Identification Issues, (19) Gang Internet Investigation Issues, (20) Management and Supervision Skills for Gang Specialists, (21) Motorcycle Gangs, (22) Female Gangs/Female Gang Members, (23) Gang Program Management Issues, (24) Gangs and the Mass Media, (25) Spatio-Temporal Gang Analysis , (26) Dealing With Gangs in Juvenile Correctional Facilities, (27) Gang and Violence Prevention Skills for School Administrators, (28) Gang Problems in the Military, (29) International and Transnational Gang Problems, (30) Gangs and Organized Crime, (31) Management Issues for Gang Outreach, Prevention, and Intervention Services Track, (32) Gang Outreach and Intervention Problems.

            If it is a breaking story, then feel free to call the NGCRC 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year, our phone is usually forwarded to someone during off-hours.

            The phone number for the NGCRC is (708) 258-9111.

            If you have a “gang symbol” you want commentary on, fax a copy of it to the NGCRC fax number (708) 258-9546. You can also email a copy to the NGCRC at:

            The NGCRC would be able to comment on the nature of a specific gang, if the name of the gang is known, the NGCRC may have information on other aspects of the gang, from the NGCRC’s National Gang Tracking System, which identifies geographical gang locations; or the NGCRC may be able to confirm the violent history of specific gangs, what is and is not typical, what is or is not common to gang life, and can possibly refer you to other specific experts in the field who are published professionals on the topic.