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            The periodical entitled The Gang Specialist is a 12-page (11" x 17") newspaper and is an official publication of the National Gang Crime Research Center. It has been published and distributed for over two decades.

            Please start my one (1) year subscription to The Gang Specialist, a quarterly publication of the National Gang Crime Research Center (NGCRC). I understand that I am entitled to four different issues of this periodical that is published quarterly for the $60/year subscription.

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Call (708) 258-9111 if you need the NGCRC F.E.I.N. (tax number) or our Merchant Number for credit card payments. Also, call (708) 258-9111 if you want to provide credit card info by verbal rather than written transmission.

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Make checks or money orders payable to "National Gang Crime Research Center". Make sure to mail a copy of your registration with the payment so that proper credit can be made to your registration. Send registration forms and payment to: National Gang Crime Research Center, PO Box 990, Peotone, IL 60468-0990.