Program Evaluation and Analysis, Site Assessments, Client Assessments, Professional Opinions About Gang Issues:

            The National Gang Crime Research Center (NGCRC) has over twenty years of experience in research, publication, and training/consulting on gang issues.

            If you need help with program evaluation involving a gang prevention program, or gang intervention program, or at-risk program, then the NGCRC can assist you directly or by means of possibly providing referrals. The NGCRC provides quantitative statistical analysis skills as well as qualitative interviewing and observational skills.

            If you need a special report prepared about gangs, the NGCRC has done this for over two decades, some of these have been confidential state-wide reports. As the client, you obviously control what the report is used for.

            If you need a site assessment, where experts render a professional opinion about local gang risks/threats, then the NGCRC can help with this kind of work.

            If you have a client who is suspected of exhibiting gang behavior, and need a secondary professional opinion, the NGCRC routinely provides this kind of expert opinion and assistance.

            If you need a professional opinion about any gang issue, then you should call the NGCRC.

            Please call the NGCRC during working hours at (708) 258-9111.


Recommended Reading:

        We recommend you read Project GANGPINT (Gang Prevention and Intervention), one of the largest studies of actual gang members ever undertaken. It was designed to provide baseline data for a national needs assessment. Go to the main page for the NGCRC: Click the button for REPORTS. Scroll down and towards the bottom you will see both an HTML version of the PROJECT GANGPINT report, as well as a PDF version of the report.

         We would also recommend Project GANGFACT and Project GANGMILL.